Get to know 2 Fold Studio with this quick Q&A:

Who is 2 Fold Studio?

Hello! I’m Lisa Scheideler, the sole proprietor of 2 Fold Studio, a small design and illustration studio near downtown Denver.

What is your background?

Growing up, I was one of those kids who excelled at both art and math. Graphic design offers a perfect outlet for this pairing! After earning my BFA in graphic design from Iowa State University, I first explored the field of environmental graphics by creating detailed signage and exhibit drawings. From there, I sharpened my skills at three different design firms in the Denver area. During this time, I gathered the knowledge and experience I needed to start my own business. I launched 2 Fold Studio in 2006, and since then I’ve crafted custom designs and illustrations for numerous small businesses and non-profit organizations.

How about your approach?

My approach is simple: I listen carefully and respond directly to my clients’ needs. I have a “good ear for design,” which means your business or organization’s priorities (not mine) are front and center during all of our conversations. Great relationships are built on earned trust, mutual respect, and clear expectations. I also strive to provide solid design, stress-free communication, and on-time delivery with every project. With these factors in place, the creative process becomes natural and enjoyable for everyone!

What are your capabilities?

I love a challenge and the chance to problem solve! Over the past 20 years, I’ve designed and illustrated everything from gum wrappers and web icons to wayfinding signs and school mascots. The majority of my projects center around logos, print collateral, websites, signage, infographics, and social media graphics. Many of my clients also take advantage of my illustration abilities, which feature prominently throughout my work.

What if I don’t know what I need?

No problem, I’m always up for brainstorming! I’ll guide you through the process by asking questions to help pinpoint your project’s purpose, audience, visual style, and goals. By combining my experience and problem-solving skills with your knowledge of your organization or business, we’ll uncover exactly what you need.

Do you have any specialties?

Combining design with illustration is my favorite way to create. These “two-fold” solutions are visually distinct and set my clients apart from their competition. Two more specialties that are sometimes hard to find in a designer? Reliability and follow-through. Taking a client’s idea all the way from the “We need help!” to the “We love it!” stage is truly rewarding. My expertise is especially helpful to small businesses and non-profit organizations who want to partner with a creative professional without hiring an expensive agency.

Are you fully equipped?

You may be wondering, “How can a one-person studio handle all of our creative projects?” Rest assured, I’m incredibly efficient with my time while still devoting personal attention to every detail. I’ve also cultivated a trusted group of freelancers to ensure that 2 Fold’s projects stay on schedule. You’ll find that working with fewer people and maintaining a single point of contact keeps the message from getting muddled!

Who are your clients?

My client base is a diverse group of small businesses and non-profit organizations, including:

Ad & Dad Candle Co.
Alpha Asset Consulting LLC*
Benson Orthodontics
bfitting studio
Clear Creek School District
Colorado Commercial Services
Colorado Succeeds + Homegrown Talent Initiative*
Colore Italian Restaurant*
Curious Theatre Company
Denver Design District
Golden Doula and Lactation
GPS Legal Solutions
Grace in the Workplace
Institute for Leaders in Development*
International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)
Invest in Kids
Lorissa B.*
Metro Caring
Mountainside Countertop Fabricators*
New America
Reading is Fundamental
Reimagine Colorado*
Workplace Wisdom Collective*

*2 Fold Studio designed these websites — please take a peek!

I have a specific style in mind for my project, but I don’t see anything like it on your website. Could I see some other samples of your work?

My website portfolio showcases my most recent work, but if you’re looking for a particular style of design or illustration, let me know. I’m always happy to dig through my archives for additional samples. While I never duplicate existing concepts, I understand it can be helpful to see something that’s closer to what you have in mind. My goal is to create a personalized “look and feel” for each of my clients, so together we’ll find the right fit for your project!

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

So many places! Inspiration often strikes while I’m visiting art museums, drawing, or exploring a new city. In fact, travel plays a big part in the passion project that’s kept me busy for the past few years: illustrating an original series of children’s books! My oldest son made up the main character, “Chicken Pot Turtle,” who wears a pot on his head (naturally) and loves to travel the world while making new friends. My sister is the author and I’m the illustrator, so the books are truly a family effort. Check out our hero’s latest adventures — from Nebraska to Nicaragua — at the Chicken Pot Turtle website (designed by 2 Fold Studio, of course).

How do we get started?

Schedule a 45-minute meeting via Zoom, phone call, or in person (following COVID-19 guidelines). I’ll listen closely to your goals and ideas to get a firm grasp on your project(s). Once we nail down the specifics, I’ll put together an estimate for your approval, and we’ll be off and running!

Ready for 3 bonus questions?

Absolutely! Hit me.

Can you name a dream job for which you’re not qualified?
I’d love to be a modern ballet dancer, a storm chaser, or a deep sea explorer. Any job that combines creativity, travel, and adventure sounds good to me!

Do you have a hidden talent people should know about?
I’m a gifted couch-surfing game show contestant. Put me on the spot and I’ll nail the answers for Wheel of Fortune or Supermarket Sweep!

What can’t you live without as a designer/illustrator?
I need to be in close proximity to both an art museum and a bake shop. One provides me with artistic inspiration…the other with brain-boosting treats!

P.S. If you’re so inclined, I’d love to hear your answers to these fun questions…email them to me here!