Creative Consulting

Do you have a happy place when it comes to networking? Mine is on the playground! Not the swings or slides, but on the sidelines, where I chat with parents while our kids run around.

Often, the talk turns to work, and (since I’ve always had a “good ear” for design), our conversations turn into consultations. People share their project roadblocks with me, and I share my insights from many years of running a small business and collaborating with clients.

Sometimes, we solve a problem on the spot. Other times, we make a date to keep the conversation going. Either way, I love pitching in and using both sides of my brain to tackle a challenge! So, I’m excited to offer these “playground chats” as a freestanding service: Creative Consulting from 2 Fold Studio.

Feeling stuck? Unsure how to move your project forward? Let’s meet up and discuss your options. It’ll be fun…plus, the coffee (or tea) is on me!

Roadblock Scenarios

Do you need a Creative Consultant? See if one of these three scenarios sounds familiar:

Get Grounded

Scenario: You just launched your first business, and your artistic friend is designing a logo and website to represent your brand.

Roadblock: The options your friend presented don’t quite fit your vision, and you’re not sure how to get the results you want.

Solution: You need a creative mentor to listen carefully, prioritize your business tasks, and guide you through this new experience.

Build Strength

Scenario: You’re the marketing director of a non-profit, and you know that solid branding is crucial for fundraising and steady growth.

Roadblock: Volunteers are your “go-to” for design, but their work is inconsistent, and you don’t have the time to find a better solution.

Solution: You need a creative collaborator to offer feedback, build brand guidelines, and take your non-profit to the next level.

Forge Ahead

Scenario: You own a handful of successful businesses in a niche industry, and you’re about to launch a new, high-visibility concept.

Roadblock: The design agency you’ve hired knows their stuff, but you feel lost in a sea of clients, jargon, and multiple points of contact.

Solution: You need a creative advocate who can work with you, one-on-one, to wade through the industry lingo and offer clear direction.

Let’s do it!

Book a chat for $500:
includes an in-person meeting, a one-page summary, and a follow-up email

Just a mini!

Book a mini-CC for $85:
includes a 30-minute Zoom or phone call, and a short follow-up email

Still have questions?

See my Q&A below. If you don’t find your answer, shoot me a note!

Why should I choose Creative Consulting?
Great question! Here’s why…
It’s casual: No homework needed! Creative Consultations are always informal, and often in-person.
It’s personal: You’ll work with me one-on-one, instead of managing multiple points of contact.
It’s simple: Unlike business coaching, Creative Consulting doesn’t require a long-term commitment.
It’s fun: I enjoy helping clients get “unstuck,” and I’m confident you’ll feel great about the results.
It’s yummy: Who doesn’t want a snack and a beverage to break up the workday? My treat, of course!
What does each Creative Consultation include?
A Creative Consultation includes:
An in-person meeting: I’ll listen, take notes, and ask questions while we discuss your project roadblocks in detail for about 90 minutes. You pick the place…I’m buying!
A one-page summary: This document recaps our meeting and includes my recommendations, helpful resources, and next steps for your project. I’ll send this summary no later than two weeks after our chat.
A short follow-up email: Two weeks after your one-page summary arrives, I’ll reach out to see if you have any questions or need additional support.
A mini-CC includes:
A 30-minute Zoom or phone call: I’ll listen, provide feedback, and follow up with a short email.
How much does each Creative Consultation cost?

The fee for a Creative Consultation is $500, and the fee for a mini-CC is $85. (If these costs aren’t feasible for you, please email me and we’ll discuss a way to stay within your budget.)

Is there a different price for each Roadblock Scenario?

Each Creative Consultation costs the same, regardless of which scenario fits you best.

What if my project roadblock isn’t covered in the three scenarios above?
I‘m flexible, so just ask! Following are a few more specific examples of what a Creative Consultation might include:
• Branding Overview
• Logo Review
• Marketing Ideas
• Website Audit
What if I’m already a 2 Fold Studio client?

That’s great! I’m offering this service to both new and existing clients. In fact, if we’re already working together, Creative Consulting may be included in our current scope of work. Please reach out to me, and we’ll make sure we’re on the same page with our expectations.

What if I’m working with another designer?

No problem! I’m happy to review their work and guide you through the next steps.

Do I need to prepare anything for our Creative Consultation?

Nope! In my experience, too much preparation can make you feel overwhelmed. Just bring all those spinning thoughts and questions, and we’ll go from there.

What if I have more to talk about after our first chat?
I’m happy to keep the conversation going! Let’s decide whether we should book another Creative Consultation or collaborate in a different way.
What if I don’t know how to make your recommendations?

If you still need help after reviewing my recommendations, let’s chat about possible next steps. My main goal is to help you get “unstuck” and breeze past your project roadblocks, so be sure to reach out with questions. I’m here for you!

Ready to chat?

Use my Calendly tool to schedule your 30- or 90-minute Creative Consultation. I’m excited to meet up with you!

Client Testimonials

What do my clients say about Creative Consulting? Take a look for yourself…

“I brought several spinning thoughts to our consultation: How can I empower my colleagues to stay on brand? How can I advance our website to reflect our organization’s growth? Where do I even start? Our 90-minute conversation was one of the most energizing sessions of creative problem-solving I’ve had in my career. I walked away with recommendations that were specific to my unique challenges, and the summary Lisa provided afterwards empowered me to put projects into motion right away. While there’s zero pressure to, my consultation absolutely catalyzed multiple projects for Lisa and me that we hadn’t thought of previously. I believe that Lisa’s expertise in human-centered design and creative thinking makes her an invaluable thought partner. I hope to make the Creative Consultation a regular occurrence to continue innovating the way we communicate about our mission.”

Brandon M.

Communications & Marketing Specialist, Metro Caring

“Working with Lisa on my brand was instrumental in getting to a place of excitement and clarity. I was feeling stuck and uninspired. Lisa took the time to listen and ask great questions. Her strategic and thoughtful insights helped to strengthen the brand, clarify key pieces, and really move things forward. I sincerely appreciated her ability to see the big picture and pull all the elements together. I highly recommend tapping into Lisa’s wealth of experience in bringing creative concepts, voice, and ideas to life. 

Christy C.

Founder & Gracist, Go Give Grace

“I came to Lisa with a drive to launch my passion project into the world, but with little knowledge of how to do it. Through her collaborative process, we identified the values within my story, and she turned those values into a logo and brand presence that feels uniquely mine. In addition to creating a work of art, Lisa also helped me refine my vision — and held me accountable to it — both artistically and practically. I am very thankful for her creative work!” 

Ann K.

Founder, Forget Me Not Box

“Such a refreshing alternative to traditional coaching! Lisa’s an intuitive listener who knows when to jump in with a well-placed thought or question. Plus, her two-page summary of our meeting was packed with practical insights, encouragement, and action items. Lisa’s clear perspective helped me refocus and make some much-needed tweaks to my business. I say ‘ditch the coach,’ and book a Creative Consultation instead!”

Robin R.

Owner, Parfait Studio